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Sofia Ohlsson is working with product, furniture and interior design and is one of the founder of the Swedish design group Objecthood, which is based in Stockholm and was initiated in 2010. Sofia Ohlsson has previously worked as a product and furniture designer at Feiz design studio in Amsterdam and as a Colour Material Finishing (CMF) Designer at Electrolux.


Who is Sofia Ohlsson
I am a professional Industrial Designer who loves innovative ideas and timeless design. My goal is to create products and services with quality, user-friendliness and interesting expressions that become appreciated after launch.

Born in 1979 and grown up in a village outside of Uppsala. Creativity has always played a central role when I grew up. Characterized by an oil painting father standing in the kitchen with wet paintings and an active arts practitioner as a cousin, plindberg, I began my training at Sundsvall’s School of Art where my interest in Industrial Design started to grow. The fascination to solve problems and create something new, clever and beautiful became a big driving force.

During the Master’s program from the School of Industrial Design at Lund University my interest in environment and sustainable development was awakened. It is a big challenge to make products environment friendly but in the many crossroads a designer faces in a creative process, there are great opportunities to establish an environment friendly approach at an early stage.

Sofia Ohlsson


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